screen doesn't show
It's weird but my tales of abyss doesn't have a problem when i use ssse3 r4600 but when it's kingdom hearts I only see white screen then when i press x the new game and options show up but i don't see anything else..

any help? thanks

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The pcsx 2 that i'm using is the 0.9.8 r4600 and i'm using the aggressive preset with SSSE3.

My comp specs is:
Nvidia GeForce GTS 360M
Processor: Intel i7 1.60ghz
RAM 6gb
Do you know what the "aggressive preset" is? Use the "normal preset" and see if the problem persists. I'm not sure what it is called because I never use preset, but all I mean is turning off all speedhacks.
Yeah i figured out from my previous post that aggressive = bad.. I put it on safer and it works... thanks Smile

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