searching for something
again. need an older version of pcsx2 with enabled vu skip. the latest still won't help performing like I want it to.

So... there was this modder that did the X3 and vu skip hacks somewhen. if anybody could help giving me the name (I just forgot) so I can google his repository where I got the mod pretty safe last time.

thx advance. enjoy.

trying to run dmc and the lap is not the Ghziest. It works fine but I had a really potent modded version that vu skipped it to a playable level on my old ***** single comp. now with 3 cores I expect it to run atleast at 30-40 skipped frames. I know the game does work timeingwise and good skip settings. but I need that old version. ShadowLady posted the guys name once. but the forum search can't find it. -.-

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you mean 0.9.6 r1888 i hope this is what you want you can find it here
not what I'm searching for but I'll give it a shot.
We don't support modded builds, we also don't support those very old versions that had that speed hack.
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