sengoku basara 2 heroes
will this game run fast on my pcsx2?

i have

intel core i3 2.93GHz
GeForce 8800 768MB
win 7 home basic

i'm currently using beta r1888

i want to know what the best settings for this game.
i manage to play devil kings at over 100% frame rate, so i was wondering if this game could work similarly.

comments would be very much appreciated.

sorry for my bad english.Tongue

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The Dynasty Warriors games are extremely intensive. Take into account most of these games pushed the PS2 to its' limits, even on the real console you have slowdowns. I suggest you use 0.9.7 beta and give it a try yourself.
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thanks for the reply, i actually noticed some significant changes in speed for 0.9.7 beta. i guess i'll be switching out my r1888. btw i was wondering what is the difference between microVU recompiler and superVU recompiler? which one would be better to use? i don't really know what it does.
microVU has improved compatibility and due to that lacks in speed in some cases compared to superVU
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ok so i think i've got the good settings to actually make this game rather enjoyable than just playable, thanks for the tips and explainations.

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