several techincal questions
hey all! i recently came across this wonderful program. i have a non-backwards compatible ps3 so i find this to be a an excellent find. i finally got it somewhat work but cant seem to get any of my games to work. Killzone, gran turismo, tourist throphies, call of duty big red one, black, & zone of enders. my computer specs are as follows: intel c2d 2.3 e6550, 4gb ram, gtx 260 (896mb), 320gb hdd. i kno my cpu might b a bit weak but id like to atleast get the games somewhat working and upgrade accordingly. some games actually start up (gran turismo 4, tourist throphies, and killzone) but the gameplay is horrible. gran turismo and toursit throphies will get as far as the menu right before the race n then the screen will be a seris of colored blocks with just the hud and sounds of the game. killzone will get to the actual gameplay but be at 4 fps with rly weak sound. if anyone can help me out, or atleast point me in the right direction it would be greatly appriciated. thanx much in advance.

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hi..dude u should cek pcsx2 game compatibility before u buy it...
if u'r game running slow try this config, i use this to increase speed
[Image: pcsx2_CoreSettings_Speedhacks.png]
other config i set to default
dude play in native resolution using gsdx 9 or 10/11.. and u can overclock your cpu u dont need to buy a new one... you can pm me about overclocking
Yeah C2ds can be easily overclocked and as for the slow fps that will all be solved when you overclock
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(08-27-2010, 12:39 PM)Speedy42 Wrote: Yeah C2ds can be easily overclocked

that's so true, i just love my e5200, best cpu i've ever oc'ed. Blink
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i love my E5400 for being a beast in O.C. ^^
hey all again. i was able to get some visuals in tourist throphies by lowering the brightness to zero, but im experiencing some serious graphic glitches n artifacts. im also having trouble getting granturismo 4 to get past the disclaimer in the beginning of the game. the only problem with overclocking my cpu is my motherboard. im still getting so crappy fps is there anything else i could do cuz i rly dont understand some of the advanced settings. one more thing is there a way that i can get the game itself on the pc so i dont have to boot up from thew disk. thanx again!
is there anyway i can overclock my cpu by maybe by using somekind of software safely and reliably?
What version of PCSX2 are you using? What plugins are you using, and what settings are you using?
for gran turismo to work you must set the ingame brightness to 0.
as for fps you must play with the settings, use speedhacks 1 by 1 and find the ones that work best with each game, try putting clamps to NONE, using Native ps2 resolution.
as for the last question. use imgburn and make an iso from your disc. to open it you can do it by opening it from the iso selector inside pcsx2, dont forget to put the cdvd to iso also.
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