shadow hearts 2 director's cut
hi everyone 

i found this site witch contains shadow hearts 2 director's cut cheats can someone try to convert them to pnach please thank you

Note: the site in Japanese so you'll have to translate the page 

 Shadow Hearts 2 Director's Cut - Dirty Cheater! JPPM (

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103 views and no answer I've tried to convert the codes my self put it didn't work Sad
(09-29-2021, 10:28 AM)sardeen Wrote: 103 views and no answer I've tried to convert the codes my self put it didn't work Sad

Here are the codes properly converted (in case you messed up). These codes are probably for the JP version. Make sure the crc on your game matches the one listed on that site (Game CRC = F7671511). You will need to make your own pnach file.

Cash MAX
20399288 00000000

After Battle Soul Energy MAX
203993B8 00000000

Ring Custom Infinity
D0470130 00001023
20470130 24020063

* 99 custom items that you have not obtained will appear, and
you can equip additional effects. However,
it does not remain in the save data except for the additional effects that it is equipped with.
Please do not change the [Number of hit areas (number of attacks)] in the sub-event "Temple of Nahash" . Freeze

Ring Custom Infinite (Another Ver)
D0470130 00001023
20470130 00601023

* Custom items that you have not obtained will not appear.

Ring bar speed 50%
202FCDAC 00000000
202FCDB4 3C024000

* Effective for all battles, lucky draws , shops, and events.
However, it will be a ring abnormality due to trials and attacks from enemies.
In the case of the first ring, the second and subsequent laps will be delayed.
* When the bar turns multiple times (when using "Key of ?" or some events),
the bar speed usually accelerates, but if you use this code,
It always rotates at 50% of normal speed without accelerating.

Encounter control
D050334C 00000004
D074B7C2 0000FBFE
2050334C 00000000
D050334C 00000000
D074B7C2 0000FEFE
2050334C 10400004

in ? SEL + L1 on, off with SEL + L2

pedometer counts 1000 times faster
203F9790 00000000
203F9798 00000000
203F97A0 00000000
203F97A8 3C03447A

without equipped with ? pedometer in a conventional 1000-fold The number of steps will be accumulated.
(Of course, you don't need a double-speed / triple-speed counter.) An
event to achieve 10,000 steps will also occur.

99 things for which we have in the belongings browsing
D04DCFAC 00000066
204DCFB4 0803D400
D04DCFAC 00000066
204DCFB8 92050021
200F5000 24040063
200F5004 A0440000
200F5008 0005173C
200F500C 081373EF

weapons, armor and accessories that are ? already in possession -
There will be 99 items and ring items.

1LV up in one battle
D074B7C2 0000FDEF
20398F80 24010001
D074B7C2 0000FDBF
20398F80 00B2082A

* R2 + ? to turn on, R2 + ?
to get the experience value “NEXT” required to LV up.

Combo ring display time 10 times
20317140 0803FC00
20317144 00000000
200FF000 27BDFFE0
200FF004 AFA40000
200FF008 3C024120
200FF00C 44826000
200FF010 080C5C52

* Normal 10 times display time.

The maximum value MAX in capacity up items
life of engraved with HP MAX
20371104 00000000

spirit engraved in the MP MAX of
2037212C 00000000

SP MAX in Soul Bound
203731F4 00000000

in the mark of the device DCP MAX
203777F4 00000000

Str in the mark of the force MAX
2037394C 00000000

mark of the body With Vit MAX
2037409C 00000000

dynamic Agl MAX in the mark of the
203747EC 00000000

in the mark of the intellectual Int MAX
20374F3C 00000000

in the heart of engraved Pow MAX
20375FC4 00000000

in the luck of the engraved Luc MAX
2037704C 00000000

· items all
40100BEC 00070001
63636363 00000000
20100C08 00636363
40100C0C 00020001
63636363 00000000
10100C14 00006363

· weapons all
40100C5C 00150001
63636363 00000000

· armor all
40100CBC 00080001
63636363 00000000
10100CDC 00006363

· accessories all
40100CEC 00070001
63636363 00000000
20100D10 63636300
20100D14 63636300
20100D18 63636363
20100D1C 63636300
D8C06482 9857D9A3
Code contains an invalid
number of 8-digit values,
or general crypt error.  Check your input.

· ring items all
40100D60 000D0001
63636363 00000000
10100D94 00006363
00100D96 00000063

· coat of arms all
40100D4C 00020001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
10100D54 000001FF

key item 1
1C878F54 Xxxxxxxx
Normal version of Layzner's post
will not correspond to the 3C878DD8 1456E7xx.

Key item 2
3C878F58 1456E7xx Corresponds to 1C878DD4 xxxxxxxx
posted by Raysner of the regular version

· When the menu is opened , Cash Max
A0287960 00000000

· Cash max
20102D30 05F5E0FF

· SoulEnergy Max
10100130 0000270F

After the battle
· Cash Max
A0399288 00000000

· SoulEnergy Max
A03993B8 00000000

· Experience value Max
A03C2050 00000000

· HP Ando MP recovery
A03C23E8 0803E800
A00FA000 8619001C
A00FA004 A619001E
A00FA008 86190020
A00FA00C A6190022
A00FA010 DFBF0020
A00FA014 080F08FC

LvUP Then capability Max
· maximum HP
A03C21EC 00000000

· maximum MP
A03C221C 00000000

· maximum SP
A03C224C 00000000

A03C227C 00000000

A03C22AC 00000000

A03C22DC 00000000

A03C230C 00000000

A03C233C 00000000

A03C236C 00000000

· Maximum DCP
A03C239C 00000000

· Maximum HP
4C8782B0 1456xxxx
· Maximum MP
4C8782B4 1456Xxxx
· maximum SP
3C8782B8 1456E7xx
3C8782B6 1456E7xx
3C8782B7 1456E7xx
3C8782BC 1456E7xx
3C8782BD 1456E7xx
3C8782BA 1456E7xx
3C8782BB 1456E7xx
· maximum DCP
3C8782C0 1456E7xx
later until the next character by + C0h
Ur, Blanca, Zepetto, Lucia
Anastasia, Karen, Joachim, and Kurodo in that order.
thank you rebel it work like charm

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