shadow of rome all versions spu2x loop problam on videos
hello all, i have a problam when i play shadow of rome on the emu when there is a video playing the sound is looping but the video is fine only there is a loop problam with the sound.
this bug is on all versions of the game, on pal and ntsc.

i use the latast version of the emu with the latest plugins
from automated pcsx2 builds

my pc specs are dual core e5300 and gts250 the motherboard isnt matter.

thanks for the great support and sorry for my bad english.

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Post the revision number of PCSX2 and the plugins you use (latest today is not latest tomorrow). Also any non default settings you use
[Image: newsig.jpg]
5100 the latest i try every new revision so dont think i am a stuppid.
i just joking i use only the latest

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