shadow of the collosus black screen :s
I downloaded the iso for sotc today and opened it properly with usa bios 2006 as a video on youtube matter what bios or what configuration i tried from other forums and threads i can't find a solution...its just a black screen...i even downloaded the newest version of pscx(cause i had an older one that also had the same problem with blcak screen)..I would appreciate any help soon cause i am itching to play Tongue
p.s. i have sound and if i press the start button the options of the game come up along with the map...the game is running but somehow no video only black screen

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(05-25-2015, 06:09 PM)naposk8 Wrote: I downloaded the iso for sotc

sorry, no support for piracy. you should rip the game from your own Physical disk.
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