shadow of the colosus
ive just gotten this game and ive tried running it and everything works except the fps starts at 59 whihc is the default limit but it drops randomly to 43, then down to 25 and all around, my hardware can handle it

( intel 3770k quad core OC to 4.00 GHz
asus gtx 670, 16 GB of ram)

its never had a problem before but this game is acting a little weird,

im using the direct3D11 (hardware) plugin with default settings,
the spu2-X plugin the interpolation is on 3- hermite and the module number 2-direct sound

this works fine for KH I/II but this game is acting a little weird are there any little fixes i should know about?

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Enable the vu cycle stealing speedhack, usually set to 2 does it Smile
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