sharing some graphic bug that my friend fixed
A very talented friend had been doing some nice fixes lately, mostly graphic related bug, and it seems the result is quite impressed.

Thus hereby i attached some of his achievement, and hope that he keep on the good job to make the pcsx2 much more perfect emulation.

shadow of rome

haunting ground


Digimon Rumble Area 2

Don't really know if these kind of personal fixes are welcome here or not, but just post this to share with every pcsx2 lover and as far as i know he has been fixes over 20 games , and i've been testing myself and there's no any other bad effect happening.

Let me know if i should post more pic of his wonderful work .

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He didn't fix anything. Shots #1,#2 and #4 are just toggling an advanced GSdx hack. #3 is just using GSdx software renderer. Better not believe whatever people tell you next time with no code to prove it Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
advanced GSdx hack? I have been trying to get Haunting Grounds to work with decent graphics, care to share what this advanced hack is? (skipdraw=1 works for the vertical lines but not the horizontal.) I tried searching google but I can't find much info on it, besides using an old version of gsdx.
Increase the value for skipdraw. At some point the rest of the overlay will vanish.
It'll cause different issues though for sure, so yea.
actually that was my friend who wrote the haunting ground patch which recently been committed as r3642, refer to the screenshot at first post..
but that patch still not quite perfect as there's still many color mistake after playing awhile, more when you progress futher..
so i stopped carry on after get past first boss , and since bosit mentioned he didn't fix anything, well...
Yeah, better than nothing though for sure.
And he did his research to this (Haunting Ground), properly determined
which surfaces to skip.
So heads up from me, eventhough it gets worse again later Tongue2
This thread begins to become very informative and educational in showing why the advances in development walks in steps, most of them ahead, some to the side and some backwards even. Some ideas that promises wonders soon are found more a trouble than a help and other idea originally deemed unworthy can save the day when a better way to implement it is discovered Smile

That's the way mankind walks... oooops, I mean development walks Laugh

PS: Just a thought. Would not Sony kindly give up their hardware's complete system manual if lovely asked? hmmm, no, better forget it....
Imagination is where we are truly real
hello there, would like to ask how did ur friend fixed the digimon rumble arena 2 half screen issues, and is it playable with the normal speed same like PS2 ?

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