should i have better performance?
Thanks to the makers great job so far but I still cant play games smooth they are choppy about 40% of the time. Except for a few I played pretty much fine like tales of the abyss
my specs are 8gb ddr3. phenom x6 3ghz, 7950 3gb sapphire that should be it for system with everything updated(drivers).
The configs for pcsx2 are
The latest build 1.3.1 1276
speed hacks: enabled wait loop detection. spin detection, mvu flag hack, multi threaded, level 2 ee cycle rate, level 2.5 vu cycle stealing
ee/iop and VU  I am using recommended
audio spu2x interpolation level 3 module: xaudio and disable effects processing is checked
video d3d11 hardware interlacing: auto,  native resolution , textre filtering bilinear (ps2), anisotropic off, crc hack level full
I messed with the settings a bit got a better card but still no real improvement in performance that I noticed from a year ago. Am I using the wrong settings or is it just the program is not at that level yet? I tried devil may cry and smtp4 and smpt4 is playable just annoying and devil may cry is not really playable as its the type of game that needs to run smooth.

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The Speedhack sliders, having them on may cause you to slow down rather than speed up, so it's best to try to get he speed without those if you can, or with as little adjustment as possible.

Your biggest problem howeevr is the speed of your CPU, 3Ghz on that processor is not very brilliant, If you could overclocker it, that would help you a ton.
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I will try dumbing down the speed hacks have not tried that. Seriously though 3ghz at 6 cores is not much?
Well even with MTVU, the emulator will only use 3 of your cores and the single thread performance in passmark of those is roughly 1200, which is barely scraping what you need, a desired amount is 1600-2000, so you will need to do roughly a 1Ghz overclock on that CPU to make it half reasonable in the aforementioned games
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vu cycle stealing turned it off runs smooth now could not figure it out as it said 60fps and 100% thanks for the tip
No problem, glad to help Smile
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