silent hill 2
hey, is silent hill 2 an intense game to emulate?

just finished KH1 + KH2 with this baby and it worked absolutley beautifully.

my rig is modest:

4GB Corsair DDR2
Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H AMD 790GX
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Denab 3.0 Ghz+
1GB Sapphire HD 4870

would it be worth emulating my copy of PS2 and ripping it etc... or just buying the PC version? i'd prefer PCSX2 but only if its going to emulate alright.

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I don't have the PS2 version of SH2, but from my knowledge it's not too intensive. I heard about various graphical glitches, but they may have been fixed in recent versions of PCSX2 by now. You can always look at youtube vids to get an idea of how the game relatively performs.

For what it's worth, with my Llano APU I could emulate Silent Hill 3 at full speed with no problems. The only graphical issues were glitches with the shadow rendering, but that's about it. The shadow issues are fixed in software mode.

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