simple tread performance
is simple tread performance important when running the emulator on hardware mode I was thinking in upgrade my pc to a I5 7400 but it has lower score of simple thread performance or the I3 7100 that has highter simple thread performance my third option is the I3 7350k model but it is a little outside of my price range for now
thanks for the help

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yes it is
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it's "single thread", in comparison to "multi thread" Smile

Yes, PCSX2 benefits from a few more powerful CPU cores, than from several low powered ones.
I'm a little out of the loop on Intel's current offerings but I suppose that anything they offer that has a high clock speed will be good for PCSX2.
(11-16-2017, 04:32 PM)jesalvein Wrote: yes it is

thanks then I will get the I3 7100 since it has a highter simple thread performance of 2229 and the I5 7400 is 1956. ALso I am planing on use this for native pc games
thanks for the help
As rama kind of already explained, it's not "simple thread performance". It's SINGLE THREAD PERFORMANCE. Just so there is no confusion in what you're talking about Smile
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Sorry. Can I ask one more question?

Just to play PCSX2, is i3-7350k ( 2 core, 4.2Ghz and can Overclock) better and cheaper than i3-9300 ( 4 core, 3.7Ghz, Turbo 4.4Ghz. Can't overclock)?????

Thank you very much.
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CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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