hi i am new with pcsx2 i tryed to play a game but itis running very slow, smothly but slow, can someone help?

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What version of pcsx2? Also what are your PC specs (CPU, Video card, and operating system). If you don't know how to see your PC specs, run dxdiag and it will have all that information.
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its 0.9.6

i got a amd athlon 2X 2.5 Ghz
3.35 GB ddr2 800mhz ram
Geforce 8800gts 640mb
Windows XP service pack 3
Try using beta 1888, it's faster:

What game are you trying to play? Your CPU is slow for PCSX2 so don't expect great speeds...
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thx i will try that, what do u guys think about overcklock cpu?
It will help but not much, since your CPU architecture is the main problem. Also Athlon X2s don't overclock really well unfortunately
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ich hab versucht die beta zu instalieren aber es tauchen fehler auf wen ich es öffnen will. das programm sagt mir das ne neu-instalisirung helfen würde aber es klappt nicht.
This is an English-speaking forum, please reply only in English.

From a quick translation:
Quote:I tried the beta install but there appear to be errors when I open it. The program tells me a re-install would help but it does not work.

You may need to update DirectX using the web installer or the August 2009 Redist.
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xD oh sorry i must slip away there and start writting in german SORRY =)

what i was writting was that i tried to install the beta but it was showing a error, it was saying that it maybe helps to reinstall the programm but id didnt =(
so an<y idee how to get it woprking?

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