slow emulation

I have a computer with decent specs:
core2duo 2.66Ghz
4GB Corsair gaming memory
msi NX8800gt graphics card

All the games I run are 10% slower than on the real PS2.
I have noticed that for some reason pcsx2 uses 40% to 90% of my processor, but my graphics card is doing nothing,its idling,
is there a way to let my graphics card do the rendering? As thats what its for.

The software I have are as follows:
Windows vista ultimate 64bit
Directx10 + all the older directx9 stuff has been installed

I am using pcsx2 0.9.6
Config thereof is as follows:
gsdx 890 ssse3 0.1.14
direcx3d10 hardware
shader 2.0
bob tff
native res on d3d
no ticks on the boxes
bios used europe v01.60(04/10/2001) console, I have (04/10/2004) available as wel
note that I am in South Africa ( South of the African continent)
gigaherz's cdvd 0.7.0
sound : spu2-x1.1.0

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1st, try lests pcsx2 public beta.
2nd, which game are you trying to run ?
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You have two PS2's I take it?
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I have a Ps2 and my friend has got one,we combined our bios to get max compatability, mine is on the fritz.
the games that run slower are Tekken5, R-Type final and almost any other game.

I have installed the newest drivers for my machine and it made some difference, the speed is now only there with tekken5 but now there is vertical lines and when different stages come the whole screen just has vertical & horizontal lines, so gameplay is playable but graphics as above.

With R-type final the graphics is good and its reasonably playable.
but when tons of things are on the screen it slows down to a crawl.
with water and space type stages things become pixellated.

the config of my pcsx2 is as follows:
gsdx 890 sse2 0.1.14
direct3d10 hardware
shader 2.0
interlacing: none
d3d res 1024*1024
sw rend thread 1
no ticks on other stuff

multi threaded gs mode is ticked
First off, delete your friends bios if you want help from this forum(any bios from a console you dont own is considered piracy).

Second, Tekken 5 is supposedly demanding(dont have it myself but Ive read so) and your pc is below recommended specs, so probably not much you can do. I dont know anything about R-Type though, try the latest beta as jesalvein suggested(in the downloads section or the link link at the bottom). And play around with the speedhacks. Also for the graphic problem try software mode in gsdx.

Edit: Forgot the link Smile
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ok I will delete my friends' bios and load his own stuff on his pc

I will try the beta and see how it goes
as for the pc thats below spec my processor runs @ 60% when the games are running with the demanding stuff with my graphics card card running @ 70% so its pcsx2 thats not using my computer properly or theres something thats configured wrong
what do the EE and GS figures at the top of the window say when you are running the game? I bet EE says 99 and the GS says about 20% which means the emulator is using 99% of 1 core, the gs plugin is using 20% of the other, which is about right. To get the performance out of the emulator you will need to have raw Gigaherz, generally we say 3.4Ghz or so.
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(03-30-2011, 03:43 PM)GamerGeek Wrote: Second, Tekken 5 is supposedly demanding(dont have it myself but Ive read so) and your pc is below recommended specs, so probably not much you can do.

play with speedhacks on the newest beta I have managed 40-ish FPS myself on 2.20 c2d

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