slow game play
ok lets try this again.

I dont play consol games, i really dont know anything about them or how they are coded... im trying to get this program working on my GF's comptuer.

We have 4 comps ive tried to make this run on and a VMware box in XP 32 under windows 7.

pc 1 - X4 9650 2.3Ghz, 8GB ram, 9600GT OC video card

pc2 - core 2 quad at 3.6, 5gb ram, 8800gtx

pc3 - i7-920 at 5.1Ghz 12GB ram, tri sli gtx280

pc4 - dell 1720 insperion core 2 duo at 2.4Ghz 4gb ram, 8600gt running mac os 10.6

All of these systems do the same thing, high fps, smooth entrance, lines on the screen some what shaky at times, and game play running at about half speed. every game is running in slo-mo and i don't know why, i assume its an issue with the virtuilization on the cpu not functioning right... i.e. i have a setting wrong, i know its not ram and its not gpu. who can help me here? i have included screen shots (edited this time) about my game play and settings, i had alot of other stuff running in the background so fps is lower than what it is normally, i generally get 60 ish fps and have cleared 300 on maxed hacks with lower video settings but in every case the game has the same relative slow speed i don't see it varying at all.
oh the system that i am posting screens on is the AMD system 1

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What does VMware and virtualization have anything to do with running PCSX2 in Windows 7?
Anyways, I do hope that your i7 is on a high end water cooling system or liquid nitrogen, because 5.1GHZ is certainly not going to be stable with air cooling.
In any case, try microVU0 and 1 with status flag hack on and see what happens.
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not trying to relate it to windows 7 in general, but since the fps is high there are no memory errors and the game is running slow like it doesnt have the power in the system to run it, CPU issues makes since.

yes the i7 is on DD setup, 45C average.
with status flag hack the game seems to start out a little faster but then falls into the same speed as before.

with flag hack and microvu0 on it runs faster than just the flag hack

with just microvu0 it seems to be the same, so i dont think flag hack makes any difference
There is no reason on the 3+ghz system there should be any significant slowdown on MOST PS2 games that work (there will be exceptions like MGS3 and GT4)

The first and fourth systems however probably will get slowdowns in most if not all PS2 games.
[Image: 2748844.png]
ill give it a shot on the higher end systems, do any of you know how the emulator functions, as in... does it use a 1:1 cpu ratio for the speed of the box ps2 and your systems cpu? im not eaven sure what specs the ps2 has, my end question is what does it take to make the comp run the game identical to a ps2. (just easy numbers, i didnt research any of it) if the ps2 has a dual 3Ghz cpu (equivelent) in it and your comp is a dual 3Ghz would that then be able to run the game or would you need 3Ghz+ for the overhead? just trying to understand what works and why it works.
1) You previously posted images of downloaded BIOS and downloading games which wont get support here as our rules state.

1.1) Yet another pirated game on the pics on this thread...

2) The only actual ingame screen you posted actually has low fps so no idea where you got this "high fps" idea to begin with (menus will almost always be fast and dont relate to the speed ingame).

Please dont make more threads on the same thing, old thread was closed for a reason.
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