slow games with bugged sounds
I downloaded the 1.0.0 version a few days ago, see a few videos to learn how to configure the pcsx2 and tried to play, according to the video the european bios was the best, but when i tried it didn't read the iso image, it only show that red screen when you use a pirate cd, so i had to use a USA bios.

with the USA bios it finaly read the iso image and i could play, or at last that was what i think, i convent some of may play 2 cds into iso images wiht ultra iso, and had the following results:

Final Fantasy X2: no problens so far.

Medal of Honor Front Line: playable, with a few problens ( 1- when I use a mounted machijne gun, fire with no problens. but if i use the one i have, if hold the fire button the game slow down while firening. 2- if i breake a box the game slow down while the pieces are fliying. 3- in the first level of the second mission, on the bridge area with the tank, the game slow down if i came near the tank, also when a granade explode or anything else the sound bugs).
I dind't play much so this is all i have noticed

Silent Hill Origins: in the beginig everting was fine, but when i entered the hospital the bugs stared( on the second flor where everting is dark, the objects in the room don't apear in the screen, even the ground and the walls in some spaces, the doors too, also on the corridor with the first nurse the game slow down, the cutscene too, travis moviments too,the sound gest all bugge, and all the rooms are buged the objects don't apear in the screen still i can interact with then, they are there but invisible, and after the fight whit the fist nurse the game keep in slow down even if i leave the room, all making the game unplayable).

Shadow Hearts: the cutscenses have boubled images in the screen, also the game is realy slow while walking in the game, only in the menus and the battles the game speed is normal.

Final Fantay X2, Medal of Honor Front Line and Sillent Hilll Oringis are my games, and i just made iso images of then with ultra iso, but Shadow Hearts i dowloaded from a website.

Can someone help me fix this problems? is this the bios fault? Why the europen one dont work?

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Quote:but Shadow Hearts i dowloaded from a website.

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
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