slow on my laptop
first time using this program and so far only game i tried was God of war 1 keep getting about 30-40FPS in game and it looks really slow in combat idk if its my computer or if my settings are wrong

i have a

Acer aspire 5755G

windows 7

Geforce 540M 1gb

8 gigs DDR3 ram

intel core i5-2430M 2.4ghz with 3.0ghz turbo boot

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(04-25-2012, 07:08 AM)icebear Wrote: ... idk if its my computer or if my settings are wrong

I do believe your computer could do better,
but I couldn't comment on your settings...

Is your Windows Power Plan set to "High Performance"?
yea its set to that and its plug into the wall as well

What have you changed in your PCSX2 settings (from default)...?

And are you playing straight from the disc?
its the default settings and the game is a rip from my own disk used ultra iso to rip
Consider using ImgBurn to make images of your PS2 discs.
It is highly reliable.

Have you read the Configuration Guide at all?
Possibly about using some Speedhacks, or lowering the internal resolution? Wink
play it in native resolution and see if you get fullspeed.
i set the res to native and still same thing did a redump with imgburn and still the same thing and no i did not look at the guide

(i looked up the guide and made some changes to add direct x 11 hardware rendering and stuff and pretty much droped my FPS to 25-35 now and its SUPER SLOW)
try this guide

if that guide above still super slow
may we CHECK your laptop temperatures using coretemp.
coretemp and pcsx2 must be running at least 10 mins to check the peak temperatures.
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Also you didn't stated which version of PCSX2 you run with Smile

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