slowing down whenever i'm on world map
Ok so i've been playing TotA... it goes smoothly whenever i'm in a dungeon or town or anywhere else except the world map...

I think i have the power to play this game smoothly coz i have my fps always almost around 60... but for some reason if i'm in world map everything just starts lagging even the battle!! anyone wnana help me with this one? thanks

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Most probably more things have to be rendered when in the world map and your hardware can't keep up with the additional load...what do the EE and GS percentages at the top of the window report when you are at the world map getting slowdowns?
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The slowdown is the game itself and not PCSX2, happens in the PS2 too. Not much you can do about it.
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the EE goes up to like 50-90%.. when i tried kh i didn't have any problems at all i palyed for 2 hours and the game didn't lag much.. so i thought it might be the game itself..

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