sly 2 band of thieves blurry movements
gpu : nvidia geforce gtx 1050ti
cpu: intel core i7 7700hq 2.80 ghrz

pcsx2 1.5.0 potrable 

 the game is the pal version of sly 2 , the graphic is excellent as long as i don't move , but when i run , fight , or rotate the camera , the blurry effect is always active , fortunately i know that this is a problem of some games , infact i tested some other game myself that doesn't have this problem , so what settings i could try to avoid the motion blur in sly 2 ?

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change interlacing mode?
ok i will Laugh

i know that this game have the blurry effect because the developers applied it , actually i am using the directx 11 hardware as a video plugin

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