software mode faster than hardware mode
hi i'm trying to run shadow hearts and when i run the game using gsdx dx11 hardware mode i get around 17 fps however when i use software mode i get a solid 60 fps is this right i though hardware mode was faster than software mode

I'm running on an Alienware m15x with and i7 m620 and a ati 5850m.

also i dont no if anyone can help but when ever a fire effect come up the game slows way down is software mode down it a bit annoying if anyone has some way to stop this


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Depends on the game. Certain games use certain effects that don't translate well to hardware and thus can be slower. That said, 90% of the time, hardware mode is going to be faster than software, but it never hurts to try software especially if you have a good processor.
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by default GSdx is set to use 1024x1024 as the resolution, sw mode uses native at all times. try ticking native on GSdx when using hardware mod. does it improve in speed?
no i have always had the use native option checked

thanks for the quick replies
sort of solved my fire slow down problem i increased the number of rendering threads to 4 and that stops the fps dropping a large amount now only going down to 45 ish
Shadow Hearts (the first) is a 2D game, so the video card power is not so required as it is in 3D games. Yet it seems to use some tricks which confuses the hardware mode. It's a prime example of game that runs better in software mode all the way, provided the CPU is powerful enough to run it solid stable full FPS, if not... well, hardware mode not only will not help as will worsen things.
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