<solution> PS4 controller emulation suddenly not working with DS4/Pokopom? Try this!
Solution #1: Updated 9/19/2017

Step 1: While in game, press the Playstation and option buttons simultaneously.
Step 2: Wait 3 seconds, and press the Playstation button again.
Step 3: Profit

Solution #2: Updated 9/19/2017 *temperamental*

Step 1: Steal underpants
Step 2: ?
Step 3: Menu>Config>Plugin/Bios: Switch pad to Lilypad plugin with game paused, read and accept warning.


These instructions assume the default profile for DS4. It utilizes the Bluetooth disconnect and reconnect optional feature in the DS4 default profile under the "special actions" tab which should be checked. If the above does not disconnect/reconnect you via Bluetooth, or you are using usb, Hold the PS button for 10 seconds instead for Step 1.

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PS4 emulation ?
what the hell are you talking about ?
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I think it's a simple mixup of PS2 emulation with the DS4. Probably just put the wrong number on PS!
The 2 above user comments (and this one) are now obsolete, and I request that they be removed.

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