some assistance would be great
before I begin I would just like to say that you guys seriously rock my socks with this emulator... you made me remember those good ol' days when I didn't hit puberty and used to bully my younger brother Tongue

I have to apologize if I posted in the wrong forum but I made my best guess on which section to post in and here we are... (I read the stickeys)

I've been having a problem in Bully with a mission called "hattrick vs. galloway"... I just can't seem to get that third scotch bottle in the trophy case... I've searched online and it seems this bug was noticed in the ngemu forum, but that was way back in 2008, and someone in that thread said that the compatibility list listed bully as In-game but I checked now and says it's playable so I was wondering if you guys noticed this bug too and if so would you mind pointing me in the right direction? thnx Smile

edit: I just wanted to mention that the game runs almost full speed for me... very smooth no lags except it takes a few more seconds change areas... just thought I would provide extra info to save time

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First, use beta 0.9.7 if you don't already. Then try setting clamping to full and extra+preserve sign for EE and VU
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tyvm I'll try to play it again on 0.9.7 (savestate won't load) and see if the problem still persists I will post another help-me thread

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