some graphic failure
I did as shadow lady told me, I got the PCSX2 Beta 1888 running just great.
It's an 8 of 10.

this are the graphic problems that i got:

water in MGS3S:

at the begining of snake eater op (it should be dark because it's night):

codec in MGS3S (snake should be dark and the photo of to who are you talking to is missing:

dragon ball BT3 (almost the whole scene blinks like a broken lamp ((I'mnot kidding, my inglish stinks because I couldn explain it better, sorry))):

this is the config I run with the PCSX2 Beta 1888:

Imnot complainingabout anything, I just wanted you to see it before the relase of the new version. althoug you may have heard this begore.

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All look pretty minor and yes we know about them. Also we don't take requests.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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