some help appreciated
using pcsx2 for the first time.. not new to computers or emulators in general though

i'll load games, and they seem to run at around 60 fps perfectly .. but will have random stutters in video, and especially sound.. where the sound will repeat itself one or two times like a skipping record

my setup is

athlon 64x2 5600+
ati hd 4670
2gb ram

is my setup just not good enough to run a ps2 emulator? my used memory doesnt even go above 1gb when running, i have dual processor checked in pce options , i have the latest version of pcsx2, tried running all of the video and sound plugins, all my drivers up to date

the games i've tried playing and that have this problem are final fantasy 12 and disgaea hour of darkness

any clue? it seems like it can handle it since it runs right around 60 normally (58-62) but will then randomly shoot down to like 40 and have repeated sounds/stutters.. it's making games unplayable. and even 40 fps should be more than enough for such drastic stuttering to happen right?

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nevermind, switched to the playground version and everything runs flawlessly Smile

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