some problems
hey guys I am new here and have got some problems...
I would like to play Mortal Kombat Armaggedon...

1.problem is: the game tries to format or load my memory cards or something like that... my memory cards just doesn't work...

2.problem is: when I click the "right" button on my joypad... it will be right+down in the game... that is really enoying... I reconfigured 10x times but still doesn't work..

3. and biggest problem is: it is very very slow in a fight...around 10 fps...
my pc:

2000 DDR
8800GT Geforce
3x2100 AMD Triplecore Phenom
Win XP sp2

please help!

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About low speed,known.Doing a simple search gave this thread: which would answer your question

About memory cards,format them from the BIOS as the guide says

About controls,I suggest using Lilypad plugin,the controls work fine with the game,I have it too
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i wonder if the speed depends on the game???
i have about 15-20 fps in mortal kombat amaggedon and dont have any other games to test it^^

how does your pc-system look like??
if you have mortal kombat also , then how much fps do you have and is it playable??
Yes,it totally depends on the game,eg MK games are super slow no matter what kind of PC you have.My PC is in my profile (PC specs section) and i only get like 30 fps in MK games.
Most games are much faster than this though,you should be able to play some at good speeds
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