some questions
question 1:i installed windows 7 today,it has directx 11 in it,i have nvidia 8500 gt graphics card,it supports dirextx 10 but not 10.1,is there any problem with gsdx10?
question 2:if there is not a problem,does it run faster when i have selected dx 10 instead of 9?
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1) Nope
2) Yeah DX10 is way faster than DX9 mode of GSdx try it and see.
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2) depending on game. On Mana Khemia I playing. DX9 is faster than DX10. but on DQ8 DX10 was faster than DX9.
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1) No, but at the moment there shouldnt be a difference between DX10 and DX11.
2) Overall DX10 is faster and better as it can also fix glitches present in the DX9 one. Althou some games may not see an improvement at all and as pcsx2fan said DX9 can be faster on some other games too.
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