some questions about pp version
thanks for pp team hard work at first.
But I have some issue that want to ask you, I hope it won't bother you
1: the R651 seems slower than 650 1~3 fps, not as the notes descripted, big speedup, it maybe something wrong
2: why only FFX is perfect, speed and stablity and everything. but other 3D games, such as FFX-2 FFXII, is only running but very not avalable, especially speed
3: the MTGS seems work not well, in the FFXII first scene, the fps is 19 if not enbale MTGS; the fps is 22 if enable MTGS. I'm very puzzled.
4: Does the speed be increased rapidly possible? for example, use the video card to do something done by the VU?
5: thanks again to PP team and take care of you bodySmile
Core 2 Duo E5200 @ 2.5Ghz /ATI HD5770 /2GB RAM 800 @ 1066Mhz /Asus P5QL /Windows XP SP3

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maybe I can answer some question.
1. Some game speed up, some slower, and it's up to you to choose which version to play on ( btw, rev 65x really is a speed up with me Smile )
2. Many game a perfectly playable, but FFX is a popular game with many fan, and it's a first nearly perfect game to play on pcsx2
3. 1fps can be a very big speed up Smile, but I heard that FFXII has FMV problem, so the FMVs can be slow.
4. I think the only way now is get a decent graphic card, and a really good processor ( 3Ghz or more ), or play it in your real Ps2

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