some questions and issues
hi evryone, im a bit(but not completely) new, so ive got issues with ace combat 0, especially with GS render: while dx9 is stable and slow, with dx 11(both in hardware mode) i cannot see the elements of menu and some other 2D graphics while all 3D stuff goes flawlessly good(in case of framerate). is there a fix for it? im add technicall info later, here are my specs:
CPU: intel C2D(s775) E8600 Cool , RAM: 7Gig., GPU: ASUS GTX 560 Ti and a mainboard is the same asus P5Q SE2
all components runs with they original speed.
Game version are SLUS21346(same as in the comp. list)

im have some questions for emu devs:

is there are use for nv's CUDA or amd STREAM(or what itcalled then? Sad )

and what the issues with the video layer in emu? every time ive try to watch the game video, it's always not playing or playing, with errors on every place Angry .

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