something up with the forum
It might just be me, but it's been happening for a few weeks now.

THere are times when I come here and the main forum page doesn't display the icon for new posts, instead it shows the icon for "no new posts" for everything.

which is wrong since I haven't entered the General Discussion forum since ages. If I go in I get multiple pages of threads with blue titles, those are the ones that contain new posts I believe, so I don't understand why the main page is screwing around.

If I click the Mark all read button it fixes the problem for 1-2 visits and after that I'm back where I started.

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wow,havent had this problem.Probably a plugin bug
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It doesn't happen here but uh... why post this in the translators forum?
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Sorry Shadow Lady, I got pretty pissed about the thing since it's been happening for ages and I was in a hurry to report it. In my rush I didn't notice the "Site Related Questions and Feedback" sub-forum (honestly) and I thought that reporting the bug in a staff only area was more suitable than putting it in "Chatterbox".
To be honest the new post icons dont work very well for me either, at the moment apparently most forums have new posts in, however i marked all as read the other day, some of them are 2008 lol.

will move this to site feedback
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That's a mybb bug, apparently they fixed the "older than one week = new posts" thing in the SVN but we'll have to wait :C
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I know it's not a solution for this specific issue, but alternatively, one can use the "View New Posts" link at the top of the page. It seems to work quite well.

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