something weird is happening after pcsx2 crashed
i am currently running 0.9.8 . sometimes when i first start the emulator my graphics driver fails in starting the emulator so the emulator either crashes sometimes and sometimes it causes a blue screen

today that problem happened again and a blue screen came so i force shutdown. when i restarted the emulator again my settings file was gone. i had to again reconfigure graphics and bios as if it was the first time i was starting the emulator. also it forgot where my iso file was saved so i had to remind it. only my control settings where still there

now when i start the game i get the usual things in the log that i get before (game path, bios version, plug ins..)

now i am getting something else in faint text and it is:-

the dark text at the end is when i pressed escape to pause the emulator. i am currently playing final fantasy 12. i noticed each time i open and close menu or the map screen i get the following and it keeps repeating:-

i was at the top of second ascent in the pharos of ridorna when the crash happened. i touched the waystone to go to the third ascent and when the screen for it showed i got the following:-

i then got into a boss battle and i got the following:-

why are such things appearing? the emulator knew it was a boss battle

i guess such things are running in the background but they were not showing before, but now they are. is there any way to make them go away? thank God the game is running fine and no problems in gameplay. will i get any problems along the line or it's ok that these things show?

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These are just debug messages. In the console window check what you have enabled under log (and disable them). Also keep in mind we give support for the latest official release only (that is 1.0.0 atm)
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Complementing what Bositman said: Crashes may corrupt files, sometimes may be necessary to delete configuration files and allow the program to reconstruct them from scratch, sometimes may be needed to reinstall the whole thing. Yes, that advice is valid for PC games as well and is general to any program in a way. So is good to keep backup of config files you tweaked of had changed by mods and such.
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ok. thanks for the tips :-)

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