sonic riders (australia) trainer
is anyone having a trainer for this game used with pcsx2 like sparking

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I dont think that exists. Have you ever read about something like that?

Trainers are normally not used for ps2 games.
But sparking is cheat engine type trainer and used for cheating in dbz bt3. So how can you say that is not for ps2?
FFxed is also a trainer. But how many trainers except for those do you know?

Trainer are something used on the pc market. On the ps2 we had cheat devices. Using pcsx2 we have a memory manipulation tool (pnach) where we directly give addresses and overwritten values. On the pc we don't have such injection mechanisms and therefore we need trainer.

So how can I say that it is not for ps2? Well i didn't. I said trainers are normally not used for pcsx2/the ps2. There are exceptions but they are rare.

So now we have a few exceptions. So maybe there is a trainer as well for sonic. The amount of newly developed programs is something like proportional to the amount of actual/possible users and antiproportional to the quality of existing alternative software doing the same.
Final fantasy X was a popular game. Cheating in FFX is complicated - at least as I read. Therefore somebody combined his knowledge into one application fulfilling the desires of the community.

Sonic on the other hand is probably quite easy to cheat. I guess it has a much lower userbase on the ps2 and especially on pcsx2. There is no need for a trainer.

That's why I said I dont believe there is such a trainer.
Have you found one?
Thanks for your help but is there any pnach for this game for pal version because i cant use NTSC CBC cheats on pal game. Please tell me if you found any except one which i posted here for SLES 53560

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