sonic unleashed proplem
yo hey guys
i got pcsx2 the beta 0.9.7
and i ran sonic unleashed
at first the game was great
nice speed and high compitalty
but the sound was a little bad and slow but i was ok with it
until once the game started to show strange lines on the screen every time i play a level
in menus and cutsencse there are no lines
but in levels the lines show up
they are thick green lines
i think some one posted the same proplem on ffx but i cant find the post any more
so does any one know how to fix this

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You didn't post settings or PC specs or anything so I'll just guess here. You're using GSdx graphics plugin and it will only show correctly with a (Software) renderer however it will be much slower.

Try ZZogl which should be much better.
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ok my specs are
CPU : 3.00 Ghz pentium 4 supports core 2 duo
Vga : intel gma 128 mb pixel sharder 2.0
windows xp sp3
To bad, this videocard is pretty old, so maybe only latest ZZogl could be used.
isnt there a way fixing it using gxdx plugin
Although not sure about what are these lines it seems to be related to scaling. Try setting the internal resolution to native or 540x540 1x.
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Green lines is not scaling issue, it's Alpha Test issue.
Good to know, I did not see those yet in the games I play Smile

PS: rectifying myself, I think I know now what is meant if it's like those that appears in Valkyrie Profile 2, how could I forget them?
Imagination is where we are truly real
there are no proplems, just challenches.
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guys please
this isnt helping
please if any one knows how to fix this tell me
i tried re installing not working
by the way the lines only show up in night stages
but in morning stages they dont appear hope this can help

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