[sorry if repost ] ask about gameplay speed smack down vs raw 2011
i want to ask about smackdown vs raw 2011 in gameplay speed...
i have PC that AMD 7850 dual core 2.8GHz, ATI radeon 5800 1Ghz DDR5 128bit, 3 GB of RAM...
in that spec of PC i have run smackdown vs raw 2011 with pcsx2 0.99 SVN r47xx and i have 40-46 fps if 1 on 1 fighting... but if another wrestler come to ring and the number of wrestler is increase become 3, fps was going down between 30-35fps... if i was playing tag team match fps is lower too, between 30-35 fps....
whether the problem come from the game or from my PC?

thank you...

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Your PC can't handle the extra load since when more wrestlers appear on screen there is more work for your CPU, thus slowing you down. Try using some speed hacks but they will not make much of a difference probably.
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owh i see....
thank you for respond..

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