soul reaver 2 freezing

i just started playing soul reaver 2 (the ntsc us one). i reached the part where raziel first switched to spectral plane to phase through the gate and then when raziel switches back to the material plane there is a cutscene freeze. in this part:-

i can't move raziel. none of the keys work, but i can only press the start button to pause the game. i searched the forum. i found others have that problem. i guess it's a sound issue because i noticed that there are parts where the sound goes away before the freeze

has this problem been solved? playing around in the settings didn't help me much. a proposed solution was to select alternate buffer mode in directsound in the sound plug in. i tried it, but the emulator said using directsound doesn't work for me and the game won't start

is there a fix for this problem and the sound issues?

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The Sound issue might be fixed from 4735

Try using r4999 from here : PCSX2 SVN

As for freezing did you change any settings in emulation.
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