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g'day just though id share some experiences with sound plugins from playing around with FFX, X-2 and XII.

peopsspu2- gives accurate sound in FFXII, although battle themes in FFX don't sound right( even though the background music seems to sound perfect); it seems like theyre missing some reverb, as the sound is a bit abrupt. In FMV's the sound stutters/clackles slightly, which makes ffxii crash but ffx and x-2 still run with the stuttering. thread mode fixes the fmv problems but it makes the normal sound innacurate.

spu2-x - gives perfect sound in fmv's for all final fantasy games (ffxii doesnt crash during fmv's) but general sound isn't that accurate as it seems to miss a lot of reverb, sound is very abrupt.(sounds simmilair to peops with thread mode). It also seems to give better sync than peops, as peops sometimes slows/speeds up very slightly.

seeing as everything else works well, was wondering if theres anyway to get sound to work the just as wellTongue

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Err Peops and ZeroSPU2 have NO reverb at all Tongue The only plugin that supports effects like reverb is SPU2-X,that is why it is recommended and the most advanced sound plugin at this time
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(04-13-2009, 11:59 AM)Bositman Wrote: Err Peops and ZeroSPU2 have NO reverb at all Tongue
hmm for some reason i can hear reverb in kh2 using peops. Smile (maybe it could just be ingame reverb Tongue Unsure )
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yeah i never mentioned zerospu, i was saying spu2-x doesnt seem like it has any reverb. Peops seems to have more reverb than spu2-x in the final fantasy games, even though reverb isn't on in the settings. Beats meTongue

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