specificate bios not found?
no im not asking for anyone to give me 1 just need help.

Ok, ive just not recently downloaded the ps2 emulator. kept givin me an error which i fixed. But now its not doing anything. i press run cd/dvd and it said specificate bios not found then it shows me my bios directory. Thats all it does nothin else to it really that im aware of

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Did you put your BIOS in the right folder?
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Reconfig your bios to bios directory manually.
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(06-05-2009, 08:18 AM)Register Wrote: Reconfig your bios to bios directory manually.

ive already done so. it just shows the path of my bios folder, nothin else
If you use the option to "Select Bios Directory", you are given the option to found the BIOS yourself. All you need to do is locate the folder the BIOS is in. It doesn't even have to be the BIOS folder for PCSX2. But, if you stating that you have already done that, then you have a faulty bios then. Because I literally just re-did the steps I just told you to do and it worked perfect then.
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also if you used the bios dumper which makes a p2b file from it, you will need to open that in 7zip and extract the files as we made the p2b spec then decided against it lol
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