speed hacks and fps problem
hi all,

i was having a speed problem with a game and took speed hacks as a solution, however am facing another problem: at most scenes the game run at normal ( i.e not much load on the gpu) and on others the game needs speed hacks, so in normal scenes the game is so fast and its not good that way.

so is there a way to control frame rates so that they are in a specific range only.

for example: I dont want the game to increase over or be less than 50 fps.

and about my settings:

using the latest graphics plagins, the beta version got it from the forums.


quad core 2 cpu 2.0 ghz.
9600 GTM graphic card.
3 gb ram.


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Enable the frame limiter (F4 while the game is running).
Go into the CPU options and set frame limit. You can also manually set 50fps to max, or you can leave it on auto in which case it will do 50 for pal and 60 for NTSC games.
[Image: 2748844.png]
i tried wat u said koji but it didnt work, however there are 4 options in the cpu tab above were u input the frame values. which one should i choose?

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