speed of the game going up and down? wtf

I have a problem......

right now i am playing kingdomhearts 2 on pcx2.

the problem is that the speed of the game goes really good and suddenly it goes really slow that like people are talking, they talk reatarded slow if u get what i mean!
anyway its really annoying..... and an other ting for some reason i canot see my health it like docent have anything "green"

well if u want to know about my comp specks:

Windows Xp

Intel core 2 duo CPU E8400 3.00GHz

2GB RAM Kingston

NVIDIA Geforce 9800GT 512MB

Ill be more then grateful if you help me ! Smile

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That's because some places have to render more things, so your PC can't take the load and it slows down. I recommend you use the latest beta 1888 from our site, should fix any speed problems you got.

About health, check Logarithmic Z in the GSdx config
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okej ill do that but what would i do with my saved games?
Save to a memcard, you'll be able to load it with the new beta fine.
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