speed sync
The great question:
Why there is no way to play games constantly at real speed by automatic frameskipping?

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To produce the graphics, there are 2 things to be done. First, the CPU calculates everything needed. Then, the GPU draw them to the screen. Frame skipping is effective when the CPU does its job well, but the GPU cannot draw frames fast enough. If the CPU is too slow, the GPU must wait, resulting in slow motion.

You can't get the result of your work by skipping a step. You can skip showing your result to people, however.

(I never involve in game programming but that's what I understand.)
Great explanation, it clarified my doubts... thank U!
That's pretty much right yeah. Just to elaborate on that slightly, emulation is very CPU heavy and it's actually much rarer for the GPU to be too weak, so 9 times out of 10 frame skipping is pretty useless.
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