speedup for FF12, when below 60fps audio is too slow

I'm using the latest beta (r1888) to play Final Fantasy 12. So far it's all good, no glitches, runs really good, except for.. it's too slow sometimes; when the fps drops below 60 (most of the time except on close rooms and areas without much distance in the horizon or when playing videos), so does the audio, and the dialogue sounds.. so awkward, when the characters are talking.

I've tried quite a lot of settings and nothing seems to help. See in-game screenshots 1 and 2 for fps reference and the circumstances (long distance viee/close). My PC specs are Intel Quad Q8200 2,3 Ghz, 8GB ram, W7-x64, XFX GTX275.

Any help with whatever I can try would be appreciated :)

[Image: wjg8lu.jpg]
[Image: htahkh.jpg]
[Image: 16lln46.jpg]
[Image: 1zxy0sj.jpg]
[Image: 2q3t10l.jpg]

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You probably can't do much except overclock your CPU, since you are heavily bottlenecked there. I see you already use speed hacks and the latest 1888 beta/plugins so that's the best you will get for that clockspeed.
A hint: Uncheck 'native' in gsdx and set something like 1600x1200 (your graphics card can certainly take the load) and watch the game's graphics improve beyond recognition Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I've been trying all sort of configs, native res, then unchecked and tried smoething low for internal D3D res like 256x256, the all the speedhacks etc.. it didn't make any difference. In fact, I tried running another intensive game on the 2nd LCD (Aion) at the same time, the fps on PCSX2 barely changed if at all, so I don't think it's a cpu/gpu power issue.
Quote:so I don't think it's a cpu/gpu power issue
believe Bositman's experience and mine, it is.

2.3 Ghz is just too slow to get constant 60 fps in that game
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You are right, it is NOT a GPU issue at all. It is 100% a CPU speed issue. Changing internal resolution only affects the load on your GPU, which is way over qualified to run this game at full speed to begin with even at extremely high resolutions, thus no speed change. Overclock your processor to 3 Ghz and I can almost guarantee you'll get close to 60 fps in the whole game.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Hmm ok, I'll try some overclocking and test : ) I'll get back to you later with results.

Wow, you were right. Saved at a spot before rebooting to bios to test, was getting 40-45 fps here, now it runs 100% fps : O disabled all the speed hacks, set 1920x1050, 2x AA.. perfectly smooth. Thanks guys : )

[Image: 3501nix.jpg]

[Image: ws7f9w.jpg]
Yup the more CPU speed PCSX2 can use the better it will be Smile
The same as how hard you step on the accelerator of a car or truck.
Sometimes 700 mhz x4 (which is not such a small number..) can do wonders Smile
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That's actually +700 Mhz, doesn't mean that because it's a quad core it magically turns out 700x4=2800 Mhz Tongue
It's pretty much known that PCSX2 speed increases linearly with processor Mhz Wink
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