splashdown ??
I see in the compatibility list that pcsx 0.9.6 run the game until the menu. Things are changed now ? I would like to play this game in hd, it was so fun at the time! And splashdown 2 ? Thanks for the eventually answers! ^^

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What is your question...place the game in your DVD drive and check if it works
i don't have the game now, but i have a friend with a collection of ps2's games and before i can ask him to give me splashdown i would like to know if works. I would be pretty disappointed if not, so i ask here. I remember that i have already tried this game in some old revision and it didn't works, sadly.

obviously i would like to know if works in hardware mode now.
(06-08-2012, 11:17 AM)RaTcHeT302 Wrote: Err...

Don't worry, the rights for the game temporarily moved to him...
You think people have rights here? =P
i know, maybe it's not a big problem but it's so much to ask if it works in hardware mode here ? O___O
I don't think that borrowing games should constitute a legal offense personally. As long as he doesn't rip it to his computer and then give it back. If it does count as an offense legally, then you may as well consider me a monstrous criminal I suppose. It would be a totally unenforcable law though, as far as PS2 goes, and pretty much everyone who has ever had a PS2 broke it.

The PS4 will suck for this though - it just won't allow you to do it (without paying a fee), AND will require internet connectivity. Basically, if you're not in a first world country, you're pretty much screwed. It enforces copyright law by requiring the end user to register their product even if it's a single player game. That and not being able to play a friend's games suck. I think I'm just outright not going to buy and new systems and go full PC gamer. Boycott that crap, even if it won't matter.
i just want to know if it works, i will use the disc and after a while i will return it to my friend. He don't use ps2 anymore, i can keep the game forever if i want ^^
Honestly you have to try by yourself, download the latest svn build and try with that.

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