[split] Fate Unlimited Codes Config
Which plugins and configure are the best for this game?

When I use plugin GSDX 1.12 I have terrible graphics, or emolator don`t work. Maby I use bad configure?

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If that helps, I'm playing this game with those settings :

GSdx 872m SSE41 with DX 10, 1024*1024 textures
ZeroSPU2 0.4.6 for the sound gives good results ( with of course the first option checked )

This game will work with every speed hacks possible enabled with some minor inconvenience.
There's no memory card problem ( be sure to select your memory card file when you first use the memory card plugin )
Yea, but plugin GSdx 872m SSE41 don`t working.
There's no memory card plugin, and yes, I have the memory card selected, it works with every other game. It seems you need actually A LOT of space at the mem card. I had 5 mbs empty, moving to an empty one solved my problem. How much space does it need anyways? Well, the topic can be changed if someone finds a real bug, seems mines have been silly mistakes because of not knowing japanese Tongue2.

If not, erase this topic, please.
And answer why GSdx 872m SSE41 not working. Its should working.
You must be doing something wrong.

Post your settings.
(12-25-2008, 03:08 AM)stpdrgstr Wrote: You must be doing something wrong.

Post your settings.

Settings of computer or plugin? If plugin I try at all(I think that). Post what you have, and I try on that.
Just use GSDX 1.12 latest revision (not in my house atm). If it doesn't start with it, then I don't know what's the problem. But it should start regardless, even with ZeroGS starts, so it isn't a matter of the video plug-in. Use linuzapps to load the ISO, use lastest ZeroSPU with first option checked, and use r457 or higher (not tested) to avoid crashes.
OK. Now game start at 100-123% and it`s normal speed, but when fight start emulator speed is going down to 9%.

I`m playing at:

GSdx 872m SSE2
SPU2ghz Playground 1.9.0
Linuzappz Iso CDVD 0.7.0

and emulator ver is 1.0.0395.

I`m trying that settings what you post, but it don`t work. What now?
Use DX10, but if you say 9%, then you're bottlenecked, be it by CPU or GPU, and this game is really CPU hungry, so it must be it. Nothing you can do if that's the case, play it in your PS2.

What are your specs.

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