[split] Metal Gear Solid 3 and memory card issue
Hi, i understand this is a pretty old thread but i couldn't find how to post a new one (new to this forum and forums in general) I'm having a similar issue with MGS3 subsistence. I was playing most of the day, got through the virtuous mission and on to the main mission's beginning saved various times and was able to load as much as i wanted then all of a sudden when i boot up MGS3 its not reading my memory cards. Until now the game was running phenomenally even with my unremarkable PC, I'm telling you near flawlessly it was almost too good to be true, turns out it was but i figure this is a minor issue my save is still in the memory card jus need to figure out how to get the game to access it. Help/ideas?

P.S: I have little to no knowledge of of scripts, code, plugins, etc. so if you can please post solutions/suggestions in laymen terms if its not too much trouble and if it is I can just research what you post and try to decifer it xD. Also i have version 1.2.1 so idk if the above solutions apply. thank you for your time.

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