[split] Persona 3 FES issues
I've been experiencing this problem with both this game and Persona 4.

I have been using PCSX2 with Windows 8 and could play the game without any kind of trouble. After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I've got black screens during battle and some locations. I didn't change any of the settings in the emulator, so the problem must be in the driver.

My graphic card is Intel HD Graphics 4000 and I've already upgraded its driver to the latest version (from the official Intel site, not Windows Update), aka v., yet I continue with the issue.

Switching from hardware to software mode fixes the issue, but causes the game to lag. For example, with five enemies and a party of four people the FPS drops to the 40s when everyone is idle and drops further to the 30s/late 20s during attack animations.

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Splitting this off to it's own thread.
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