spu2 first time configuration problem
Hi i'm using ubuntu 12.04 64 but I'm guessing the problem is I have kxstudio installed over it. It's a audio recording release and we use jack for audio instead of pulse audio.

When i get the the first time configuration screen first opening up pcsx2 for the first time everything seems to be ok except for the spu2 plugin which is blank and it's locked so I can't click the configure plug in tab. I don't know if there is a dummy plugin I can try to load I'm also not sure how to load a plug in on this thing.

Any help would be apreciated. I looked in usr/lib/games.pcsx2 and found the libspu2x/2.0.0.so I'm guessing this is the spu2 plugin I don't know if it is open source or not but couldn't open it to see if I could find a problem.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. It could just be something stupid I'm missing.

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i am assuming you are using ppa? you could do ldd command in the terminal -ldd pathtoplugin- to see if maybe you miss a 32 bits dependency...sent via cell phone

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