spyro enter the dragonfly honey marsh slide glitch
I'm on windows 10 pro 64 bit, cpu is i7-3770, 12gb of ram gpu is an nvidia gtx 750 Ti. pcsx2 version is the latest dev build.

Basically when i get to the bottom of the honey marsh slide mini-game i cannot interact with the npc at the bottom and then wind up "losing" 10 sec later when the bee gets there. I have automatic game fixes enabled, recommended speedhacks are on, and mtvu speedhack as well. Using openGL hardware renderer, native resolution, bilinear filtering, mipmapping is set to auto, crc hack is set to partial, date accuracy is set to fast, blending unit accuracy is at basic and HW hacks are not enabled.

Is there some setting i need to change to fix this bug or something?

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Decided to export the save from the memory card then put it on my ps2. Got the dragonfly from the mini-game no problem that way. Ported the save back over to the pcsx2 memory card afterward. However i'd still like to know if there's a way to get the mini-game to complete correctly on pcsx2.

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