sse3 gsdx plugin

Hi I was wondering if it were possable to make a gsdx plugin that used sse3. There's an mmx,sse,sse2,ssse3,ssse4,ssse4.1 but what happened to sse3? My cpu supports sse3 but not ssse3 so so I'm stuck using sse2 which kinda bites my performance. I wouldn't mind making the plugin mysekf but I dont know the coding. Just looking for some help thats all an I thought this may be a good suggestion. Thanks fro reading.

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OS: Windows XP SP2
CPU: 3ghz Intel Petium 4 HT
RAM: 2GB DDR400 Kingston (dual channel) + 18 GB virtual (eboostr)
Graphics: AGP Saphire Radeon HD3850 512 MB


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sse3 provides nothing useful for gsdx. it is absolutely possible to make one that uses sse3, but it won't be faster than the sse2 variant, so it won't happen.
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