ssx tricky buggy
running psx2 1.4.0 on

windows 7 64x
intel i5-3210m dual core 2.50ghz
8 gb ramĀ 
with intel hd graphics 4000 or nvidia geforce gt 630m

cant seem to fix the invisible bugĀ 
seems to be less common using the direct 3d11(software) renderer but still happens almost every race
tried setting my round to nearest hasnt seemed to make a large difference either

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Upgrade to the latest dev build here and see if it fixes your issue:
thanks for the quick response il try that and tinker around with it see if i can get it working and get back to you
im still messing with it but using pcsx2 1.5.0-2242
direct3d 9 (hardware) renderer allowing 8 bit textures
and round set to nearest i havent experienced the bug in 3 races i think
it may be fixed thank you for your help
Try switching to the OpenGL renderer.

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