ssx tricky great settings for some cpus
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after trying that setting on over 20 cpus(nt all cpu is mine) i think what setting i post below over thise tread is good for some cpu listed below ... 1)for intel core i5,i3..use all setting to default , clamping mode to nearest or real (fix invisible issue).....,native resolution(depends on u)..for pentium g2010 and g2110 use all setting to default ,enable speedhacks ee to 1 and vu to 0, use native resolution (depends on ur gpu)...........

note -these settings is nt make ur game totally run in 60fps and dont fogot to enable clamping mode to nearest and settings nt recommended for all cpu ...specially pentium eseries cpu ......
there are also sound shuttering issue which nt fixed by pcsx2 team yet.....(maybe fix in future) ...enjoy ur game.. if u find that these settings are worthy for u please notify me.....hope for positive reply...

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Hey thanks the settings works good for my pc.
thanks to notify me.....

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