stand alone download
Can anyone check the PCSX2 1.0.0 Standalone Installer at the download section .. im getting 0 kb/s and sometimes network error..

My internet seems fine

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works fine for me...

(but since orphis created the svn-compilation site I would rather stick to the svn version)
Hmm thats odd even web installer im getting such error.. do you have alternate DL site ?
As I have said...
SVN-build by Orphis

There will be no support for alternatively downloaded pcsx2-versions. They are normally outdated, sometimes illegal (if a bios is provided) and sometimes they are changed.

If you want to have support you should stick to the pcsx2 ver. 1.0 installer on the website (if it works again) or use the newest svn (Pcsx2 ver 1.1).
Oh i see.. thank you . im getting 1kb/s now i i guess its better than nothing Tongue

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